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Auditioning is an experience that no singer can avoid. If you have to sing for a panel of judges at a competition, for an agent or for a theatre, an audition is the simplest, if not the only way, to show your qualities, ideas and emotions to those people who may award you a prize or employ you.
One of the most fundamental decisions for you to make is to establish which arias you choose and in which field you have most to offer, remembering that the panel is only interested in what “comes across the footlights”. Singing means one simple concept: communication!
This extremely intensive workshop is intended to give young singers the opportunity to improve their vocal and emotional capabilities in order to be successful at an audition.

The one-to-one lessons concentrate both on the checking of vocal technique and essential stagecraft in the performance of the arias chosen for the audition. Very detailed instructions will be given on diction, drama teacher,  gesto vocalegesto scenico,  gesto tecnico (postura) and voice projection.
The lessons are given in Italian, English and German and take place in Firenze in  a large concert hall.
At the end of the course a certificate  of participation will be awarded.
The workshop will be directed by Gennaro Sica.

Teatro della scala - Il matrimonio segreto - Paolino
Teatro alla Scala
Il Matrimonio Segreto


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